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Why Your Business Should Be Using Konvocation

Konvocation Board Management Solution was designed for organizations seeking for ways to advance their business goals through digital transformation.

Saves Time, Money & Paper

Many people say “time is money” and thankfully, Konvocation can save both.

High Scalability & Accessibility

Allows subscribers to access the software easily from any location with internet capabilities.

Intuitive Board Management

Packed with lots of intuitive automation tools to enhance the efficiency of a board.

Safe & Secure with latest with regular security updates.

Keeping user privacy & corporate data secure at all times.


Konvocation Board Management Software is a digital collaborative platform packed with productivity tools aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of a board committee. It helps committee members become more organized, more productive, and it fosters teamwork & collaboration which are essential elements necessary for the success of any organization.

It comes packed with collaborative widgets that grant board members access to meetings, agendas, documents, reports, notes, calendars, polls and contacts that can be used to inform and fortify the corporate meeting process. Files can be uploaded and shared within the committee workspaces, and users can then be assigned access rights according to their roles and permissions. Konvocation Board Management Solution’s mission is to give board committees the power to be highly organized and productive.

Our Partners

Konvocation Board Management Solution is designed and developed by Skymouse - Botswana's leading innovative software development company. Designed in consultation and with guidance from leading experts in Business and Corporate Governance.


Konvocation Board Management Solution comes packed with a set of intuitive tools to help businesses to effectively streamline their board meetings in a productive and collaborative way using secure and shared space.

Board Committee and Meeting Management

Committee & Meeting Management

Easily create committees, add members & organize meetings with intuitive tools that save time.

document management

Document & Board Pack Management

Improved collaboration and smart way of uploading and sharing documents in a secure way.


PDF Viewer & Onscreen Annotator

Allows committee members to easily open documents and make private annotations.

Mobile Friendly

Web & Mobile Friendly

Simple to learn. Easy to understand. Convenient to use and it comes with intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

High security access-control mechanism defined around user roles and privileges

Minutes and Agenda Report Compiler

Minutes & Agenda Report Compiler

Generate and compile high quality standard reports at a click of a button.

RSVP, Attendance Register & Calendar Integration

RSVP, Attendance Register & Calendar Integration

Easily create meetings, send out RSVP with Calendar integration and track attendance.

Agenda & Action Item Management

Agenda & Action Item Management

Easily manage Agenda & Action Item throughout the meeting circle with automated workflows.

Agenda & Action Item Management

Training & Dedicated Customer Support Service

We go the extra-mile to provide service to our customers in a timely, pleasant manner


Our pricing model is linear and easier to understand. It is a fixed rate per user per annum with extra options for enhancements and customizations. To find out more, call us now.

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