About Konvocation

Konvocation Board Management Solution is designed for organizations seeking ways to advance their business goals through digital transformation during this global pandemic.

The success of any organization depends mostly on effective and efficient decision-making processes of a Board Committee.

With automated workflows, Konvocation enables board committees to be effective in delivering their mandate. Board members are able to focus on the core business issues which are paramount in steering an organization to success. 


Konvocation Board Management Solution comes packed with a set of intuitive tools to help businesses to effectively streamline their board meetings in a productive and collaborative way using secure and shared space. 

 1 - Committee & Meeting Management

 2 - Document & Board Pack Management 

 3 - Minutes & Agenda Report Compiler

 4 - Multi-Committee Management

 5 - Communication & Collaboration Module

 6 - Simple & Bulk Emailer

 7 - PDF Viewer

 8 - RSVP, Attendance Register & Calendar Integration

 9 - Onscreen PDF Annotator

10 - Digital Signature

11 - Committee Membership & Contacts Management

12 - Agenda & Action Item Management

13 - Intuitive & Friendly User Interface

14 - Attendance Register

15 - Polls/Voting Module

16 - e-Notifications Board

17 - Safe & Secure with Data Protection

18 - Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

19 - Web & Mobile Friendly

20 - Training & Dedicated Customer Support Service

21 - Cloud Based, to cater for mobility and “working-from-home”


Our pricing model is linear and easier to understand. It is a fixed rate per user per annum with extra options for enhancements and customizations. 

To find out more or to request for a demo, call us now.

Phone: (+267) 72233189

Email: info@konvocation.co.bw

Web: https://konvocation.co.bw